Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team from Institute of Landscape Architecture visit Chiba University for academic exchange


At the invitation of Prof. Katsunori Furuya, Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team visited the Faculty of Horticulture in Chiba University for academic exchange from Apr. 22th to Apr. 28th, 2018. Within this period, they also investigated some famous garden and the application of landscape plants in Tokyo and Kyoto.

The academic exchange was started with keynote speeches, mainly focused on the research projects on planning and design, and landscape plants of both teams. With the theme of “Thinking and practice of plant design——start by learning the West Lake”, Prof. Xia Yiping introduced the quantitative study of plant landscape in scenic area of the West Lake, research and design practical cases of landscape plants in recent years, and an example of flower border modifications during G20 summit. Around regional landscape investigation and analysis, the gaduate students of Chiba University introduced some projects, such as “Community of Morizum and “Study of perception of Japanese garden using LIST method among Indonesian students”. Teachers and students of both teams exchange research and design ideas and made a successful academic exchange.

After the academic exchange, team members of Prof. Katsunori Furuya prepared a warm welcome party. During the party, representatives of both team exchanged gifts and all participants had a good free talk time. The PhD Candidate, Jiang Xiaohuan (graduate of Zhejiang University) of Chiba University also showed around the campus landscape, genetic resources center, azalea experimental field and classic Japanese garden.

The Faculty of Horticulture in Chiba University express the strong will for long-term exchange and cooperation with our landscape architecture subject, and welcome more undergraduate and graduate students to exchange visits, and expect more opportunities to promote the interactions and exchanges between Zhejiang University and Chiba University.



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