Professors from Fruit Science Institute attend the XI International Symposium on Plant Hormone Ethylene


Professor Li Xian and Professor Zhang Bo, from Fruit Science Institute of Zhejiang University, attended the XI International Symposium on Plant Hormone Ethylene in Greece from June 2nd to 6th in 2018. The International Conference on Plant Hormone Ethylene is held every 3 years. The purpose of the conference is to promote the development of the academic theory and technology of plant ethylene. The conference was hosted by the international Society of Ethylene, undertaken by the Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute.

The theme of this conference included (1) ethylene synthesis and signal transduction; (2) ethylene and cell and organ development; (3) the interaction of ethylene and other plant hormones; (4) ethylene and stress; (5) ethylene and mature and senescence; (6) ethylene and postharvest biology. About 200 experts and scholars from 23 countries around the world, including 2 academicians of the American Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Royal Society and 1 academician of the European Academy of Sciences, discussed the latest research achievements in research of plant hormone ethylene.

At this meeting, Professor Zhang Bo served as chairman of the session for ethylene and postharvest biology. He was invited to give an oral presentation with title Regulation of fruit flavor during postharvest cold storage, which systematically introduced the fruit quality biology team’s work on postharvest storage at low temperature. The regulation and mechanism of postharvest storage on fruit aroma quality and progress in its molecular mechanism was regarded as reportorial key. Li Shan, a postdoctoral fellow, conducted a poster and summary presentation with the title  The RIN-MC MADS-Box Tomato Mutant Transcription Factor Fusion is not Inactive but has Transcriptional Activity and Modulates Expression of Many Ripening Genes. Her study introduced the latest research progress of tomato fruit transcription factor Rin. In addition, Professor Li Xian and the staff of Zhejiang University press and Oxford press introduced the academic journal Food Quality and Safety (FQS)www.813.net, which is co-edited by Professor Chen Kunsong and Professor Mondher Bouzayen.



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