Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team from Institute of Landscape Architecture visit The University of Sheffield for academic exchange


At the invitation of Prof. Nigel Dunnett, Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team visited the Department of landscape architecture of Sheffield University for academic exchange from Jun 22 to Jul 10, 2018. Within this period, they also investigated some classical gardens nearby the cities including  LondonOxfordBirmingham and Chester. Prof. Xia Yiping and his team had visited and Investigated English garden for 4 times, and Issued investigation reports continuously, having great impact on domestic Landscape. Within this periodProf. Xia Yiping and his graduate team also field visited 19 classical English style gardens meticulously including Sissinghurst Castle GardenRHS Garden Wisley, Stourhead House, and field researched on different aspects such as plant furnishingselection of plant varietyLater period maintainsspace construction and historic culture for the English garden in early summer, with communicating with the gardener in the gardens.

Within this period, Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team visited The University of Sheffield for academic exchange. The academic exchange was mainly around the research projects on rainwater garden with low maintenance. They visited the first-stage project of the rainwater garden which was designed by Prof. Nigel Dunnett and had already been built in the city proper of Sheffield, they discussed on several aspects such as the choice of plant variety, plant disposition, landscape effect and Sustainability. Teachers and students of both teams exchange research and design ideas and made a successful academic exchange.

After the academic exchange, team members of Prof. Nigel Dunnett invited Prof. Xia Yiping and his graduate team to visit the graduation show of the students of the faculty of Landscape Architecture. The PHD Candidate, Li Baiyun (graduate of Zhejiang University) of the University of Sheffield also showed around the campus landscape and Sheffield Botanic Gardens.



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