The Institute of Landscape Architecture Organized the 2018 German/Dutch Landscape Summer Training Camp


During 14th July to 2rd August 2018, invited by Prof. Soeren Schoebel from the Professorship of Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space, Technical University of Munich, and Prof. Steffen Nijhuis, Department of Urbanism, Delft University of Technology, Dr. Yunwen Chen, Yunlan Deng and Dr. Yuting Xie, together with 24 undergraduate students, carried out a 20-day summer training camp in Germany and the Netherlands. In 2016 and 2017, the Institute of Landscape Architecture, cooperating with the Ager Group, organized two summer training camps for American landscape architecture.

The team visited more than 10 cities including Munich, Freiburg, the Ruhr region in Germany, and Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, as well as nearly 100 landscape, urban planning and architecture projects: including urban park green space, regional open space planning, green city and low-carbon community, protection and renewal of historic cities, post- industrial landscape in the Ruhr region, and Dutch polder landscape, new town planning, coastal protection and stormwater management.



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