Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Jianxin Ma, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University, USA


Title: Evolutionary Novelty of Soybean Stem Architecture in the Context of Whole Genome Duplication

Lecturer:  Dr. Jianxin Ma

Time:  10:00 A.M, Jun. 6, 2014

Place: Room A119, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology 

About the lecturer:

Dr. Ma has been directed toward understanding the nature, timing, mechanisms and biological outcomes of genome evolution in flowering plants, and development and use of high throughput genomics tools for characterization of natural variation that leads to genomic, transcriptomic and phenotypic diversification of plant species. He uses a combination of comparative, computational and experimental genomics approaches to analyze the ever-increasing databases of genomic sequences from multiple plant species to address the mechanistic basis that underlies structural and functional genomic changes, with an emphasis on transposable element-mediated gene and genome evolution. His gourp currently have been developing new genomics tools in soybean to facilitate the translation of basic findings into tangible application for germplasm enhancement. His main research areas include: Comparative, structural and functional genomics of grass and legume species; Translational genomics for crop improvement; Transposable element and genome evolution; Centromere structure and evolution; and DNA recombination, methylation and epigenomics.



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