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Qian, Y.J., Hou, H.W., Shen, Q.T., Cai, X.Z., Sunter, G., Zhou, X.P.* RepA protein encoded by Oat dwarf virus elicits a temperature-sensitive hypersensitive response-type cell death that involves jasmonic acid-dependent signaling. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 2016, 29(1): 5-21 (SCI)

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Zhang, T., Xu, X.B., Huang, C.J., Qian, Y.J., Li, Z.H., Zhou, X.P.* A Novel DNA Motif Contributes to Selective Replication of a Geminivirus-Associated Betasatellite by a Helper Virus-Encoded Replication-Related Protein. Journal of Virology 2016, 90(4): 2077-2089 (SCI)

Zhang, J., Dang, M.Q., Huang, Q.Q., Qian, Y.J.* Determinants of disease phenotype differences caused by closely-related isolates of begomovirus betasatellites inoculated with the same species of helper Virus. Viruses-Basel 2015, 7(9): 4945-4959 (SCI)

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Xu, Y., Huang L.Z., Wang Z.C., Fu, S., Che, J., Qian, Y.J., Zhou, X,P. Identification of Himetobi P virus in the small brown planthopper by deep sequencing and assembly of virus-derived small interfering RNAs. Virus Research 2014, 179: 235-240 (SCI)

Zhang J., Zhang X.Y., Wang Y.Q., Qian Y.J.*. Characterization of sequence elements from Malvastrum yellow vein betasatellite regulating promoter activity and DNA replication. Virology Journal 2012, 9: 234 (SCI).

Zhang, J., Wang, Y.Q., Hou, H.W., Qian, Y.J*. Characterization of the Rep promoter of an alphasatellite associated with Tobacco curly shoot virus. African Journal of Biotechnology 2012, 11(15):3522-3530.

钱亚娟,徐毅,周琦,周雪平.利用深度测序技术发掘植物病毒资源.中国科学(www.813.net2014, 44(4): 351-363.


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